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P.R. Control & Accounting - Arad


P.R. Control & Accounting SRL is an accounting company that provides services of accounting expertise, economic and financial consultancy, human resources and payroll services, located in Arad.




We address to small, medium-sized and large companies, having headquarters in Arad and county Arad, providing them accounting services, accounting expertise, financial consultancy and human resources. Our company is a member of Body of Chartered and Licensed Accountants of Romania (CECCAR).



Our business is permanently and exclusively directed to improving and perfecting our customer’s activity, customer interests always been a priority. We constantly inform our customers about the legislative changes, occurring in the economic field, which are related to their activity.

P.R. Control & Accounting

Integrity, objectivity, professional competence, confidentiality, professional behaviour, professional technical standards

Mission & principles


Our mission is to help our customer’s businesses to grow sustainably and become more profitable. We do not want to prepare accounting and tax statements only to be shown to various organs of control. The fundamental principles, underlying our professional business, are: integrity, objectivity, professional competence, confidentiality, professional behavior, and also the technical and professional rules.

Clients & privacy


Our customers are business and individuals Romanian and foreign companies, which are classified as micro-companies and also medium-sized companies. Due to confidentiality contracts with our partners, we cannot publish their names. Our company offers full confidentiality of all works, the confidentiality of information provided by the client or obtained for a client, even after the termination of the collaboration. The confidentiality is guaranteed by the contract between the parties.

Fields of activity


The main business purposes of our customers are:
• Production
• Internal/external wholesale
• Intra-community acquisitions and deliveries
• Retail sales
• Services
• Software production, IT services
• Advertising and marketing services

Due to our experience and knowledge, we are able to approach all areas of economic activity.

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