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Accounting Arad

Basic accounting, management accounting, financial accounting services, accountancy review and restoration, financial and accounting consultancy


Basic accounting


– Preparation of the cash register;
– Preparation of the entry-reception notes;
– Preparation of the expenditure statements;
– Preparation of the invoices to be issued by the customer;
– Preparation of the payment/cashing dispositions;
– Completion of the receipts, checks, payment orders, cash deposit sheets.

Management accounting


– The global-valuable or the quantitative-valuable stock’s evidence, as applicable, and the preparation of the analytical stock’s ;
– Preparation of the trial balance and the analytical balance;
– Preparation of the accounting journals, providing by the law: Day Book, Inventory Book, Ledger;
– Analytical and synthetic evidence of the customers and suppliers;
– Evidence of fixed assets , depreciation calculation.

Contabilitate Arad

Financial Accounting Services include:

– Calculation of the profit tax or income tax on small enterprises, preparation and submission of the tax statements in legal terms;
– Calculation of tax on dividends, preparation and submission of the tax statements;
– Calculation of income tax to non-resident individuals and legal entities;
– Preparation and submission of VAT statement in legal terms;
– Preparation of other statements or reports required by the authorities;
– Preparation of external accounting reports to the partners , suppliers and external customers, if the specific activity requires it;
– Periodical information, to the management of the company, on economic and financial situation of the company;
– Permanent and timely information, to the management of the company, on tax and accounting regulations;
– Periodical information on tax law changes related to the clients work;
– Participation at the accountancy verification by authorities empowered by law to conduct financial and fiscal controls;
– Preparation of statements for loans or leasing;
– Obtaining the tax certificates , attestations from the authorities;
– Making the score with financial administration.

Accountancy review and restoration


After careful analysis, our company is liable for accounting restoration and updating the accounting statements. This means:

– Remaking and submitting the payroll statements (preparation and submission the rectifying declarations for employees to the authorities: social insurance, unemployment, health insurance, etc.);
– Remaking and submitting the VAT declarations to the authorities – the value-added tax;
– Remaking and submitting the rectifying declarations to the financial administrations for the payment obligations to the state budget;
– Remaking and submitting the rectifying declarations to the financial administrations for the tax profit;
– Remaking the trial balance.


Financial and accounting consultancy


Consultancy covers all important aspects for a good running of a business activity. The most important aspects are:

– Preparing appeals of any kind (against the inspection reports, etc.);
– Consulting on currency regulations, import and export operations, customs code, double taxation , international;
– Identify all applicable taxes and contributions to your company;
– Assistance in fulfillment of tax obligations;
– Analysis of tax, consulting on issues regarding the VAT , profit or income tax, direct and indirect taxes, payroll taxes, social insurance, etc.;
– Analyzing and solving specific issues related to harmonization with EU legislation;
– Planning the taxes.

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