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Human Resources Arad


Preparation of the individual labor contracts, addendum to the individual labor contracts, preparing the salary certificates and more

Human Resources


– Preparation of the individual labor contracts;
– Preparing addendum to the individual labor contracts (salaries change, function, working time);
– Preparing the General Register of the employees – Revisal;
– Preparing the salary certificates;
– Preparing the liquidation’s notes for the client’s staff;
– Preparation, submission and tracking the personnel files;
– Consultancy regarding the human resources.


– Preparation of payrolls;
– Submitting the declarations/rectifying declarations;
– Calculation and accounting the sick leave;
– Calculation and accounting the maternity leave;
– Calculation and accounting the annual leave;
– Preparation the salary certificates for the employees;
– Preparing the files for the bank – payment card;
– Card payment for the wages;
– Calculation of payroll taxes;
– Calculation of the state social insurance contributions, health insurance, contributions for work accidents and occupational diseases, unemployment insurance.

P.R. Control & Accounting

Human Resources Arad, Romania – professional services


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